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Feast of so much Fun


Recently I returned to Chicago to visit my favorite boys, Marc and Faust of the Feast of Fun podcast.

We talked about the new Barbie redesign, all things transgender from top surgery to old names, and flurries in love with Tony the Tiger!

Listen here for some good old fashioned lgbt comedy gold!

Feast of Fun with Jeffrey Jay!

Love you bunches!

Jeffrey Jay

Comedy Pictures!


Move over #JustGirlyThings and #JustBoyThings!

Just Transy Things is here! There are perks to being transgender so lets shed some comedic light on it!


Love you all bunches!

Jeffrey Jay!

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Jeffrey Jay is back on YouTube and I’m bored!

I started my YouTube channel back up, which is pretty darn exciting because it’s a chance for me to be as goofy as I want!

The first video is all about the ridiculous things I do when I get bored.

What do you do when you get bored?

I love you all!

Jeffrey Jay

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Birthday Pics!

It was my birthday on December 1st and thanks to my college tour picking up steam and the amazing Two Black Women podcast I have more fans than I have ever had. Throughout the day I was inundated with Snapchats, Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts from fans. I couldn’t fit everything into one picture so here are some of the best all crammed into one.

Bdaypic copy

Thank you for all the love and support!

I love you all!

Jeffrey Jay


Tiny little baby feet

As you all know my shoes are a size 3. Yes, this is true. I know I have tiny feet but it never occurred to me how comical my socks are before I stretch them onto my feet.

So here is a picture of one of my actual socks with a strawberry for reference (a banana was too big).


I tip my tiny hat to you!
– Jeffrey Jay


A selfie a day!

I’m attempting to take an unflattering selfie a day. Here are the first few plus a sketch Nick Bettner did of the first one:




Well that's it for now!

For more unflattering selfies visit my Instagram at: HeyHeyJeffreyJay

Jeffrey Jay

Comedy Drawings & Cartoons!

What is it? #1

Welcome back!

Today we are going to play a game I call “What is it?” where you guess what it is!

Hint, there’s no hint! There’s also no right answer… or is there? No, there isn’t. Or is… no.

A cartoon by Jeffrey Jay

A stick figure cartoon by Jeffrey Jay

Stick figure cartoon back story: You’ll notice all of my cartoons are made entirely with stick figures. Why you ask?

Well the first reason is I can’t actually draw anything else.

The second reason is sometimes people can’t figure out what I am. But really, does it matter? At some point I started to think it would be much easier if I lived in a stick figure world where everyone was drawn the same. So I created my own stick figure world where you typically can’t tell what the hell is going on… and I like it better that way.

Thanks for reading.

Your friendly, gay, transgender, stand-up comedian, stick figure, friend Jeffrey Jay

Comedy Pictures!

Trangender movie section!

Look! There’s a whole section for trans movies at my local movie place now!

Jeffrey Jay

Comedy Video! Words!

Launching T-Shirts!!!

Tonight I’m in Haverford, PA and it was a night of firsts!

First I sat down with the sexuality and gender group and learned what a Quaker is! Apparently they basically invented chocolate. Well, maybe not, but they did create Hershey’s. I guess the quakers were bakers.

Then, before the show they launched t-shirts at the crowd. It was pretty badass.


Jeffrey Jay

Comedy Video!

My Cardio Workout – Xbox Kinect Just Dance

My roommate saw the video and asked for her shorts back. It’s a sad day.

Jeffrey Jay