Comedy Drawings & Cartoons!

What is it? #1

Welcome back!

Today we are going to play a game I call “What is it?” where you guess what it is!

Hint, there’s no hint! There’s also no right answer… or is there? No, there isn’t. Or is… no.

A cartoon by Jeffrey Jay

A stick figure cartoon by Jeffrey Jay

Stick figure cartoon back story: You’ll notice all of my cartoons are made entirely with stick figures. Why you ask?

Well the first reason is I can’t actually draw anything else.

The second reason is sometimes people can’t figure out what I am. But really, does it matter? At some point I started to think it would be much easier if I lived in a stick figure world where everyone was drawn the same. So I created my own stick figure world where you typically can’t tell what the hell is going on… and I like it better that way.

Thanks for reading.

Your friendly, gay, transgender, stand-up comedian, stick figure, friend Jeffrey Jay


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