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What is it? #1

Welcome back!

Today we are going to play a game I call “What is it?” where you guess what it is!

Hint, there’s no hint! There’s also no right answer… or is there? No, there isn’t. Or is… no.

A cartoon by Jeffrey Jay

A stick figure cartoon by Jeffrey Jay

Stick figure cartoon back story: You’ll notice all of my cartoons are made entirely with stick figures. Why you ask?

Well the first reason is I can’t actually draw anything else.

The second reason is sometimes people can’t figure out what I am. But really, does it matter? At some point I started to think it would be much easier if I lived in a stick figure world where everyone was drawn the same. So I created my own stick figure world where you typically can’t tell what the hell is going on… and I like it better that way.

Thanks for reading.

Your friendly, gay, transgender, stand-up comedian, stick figure, friend Jeffrey Jay

Whoops, sorry guys.



I have been terrible at keeping up with this thing!

I just went back to posting all my dates and really getting my shit together.

This time I will keep this updated.

To apologize, here is a cartoon I made about judgmental stick figures.


Thanks for sticking around! Okay, too far.

Jeffrey Jay

Living alone sucks – a cartoon.

It always cheers me up to make cartoons about the things that bother me. I recently asked my ex to move out and it turns out, I haven’t done laundry in three and a half years.

Laundry sucks, but the joke is on him because he hasn’t cooked in three and a half years. I may be dirty, but he is starving.

Sorry about the huge gap in posts, but I’m back and will be posting daily again.


Jeffrey Jay

Poop popsicle!

I came down with the flu and now I feel like a poop popsicle.

Here is an illustration:

Next post I’ll catch you up on all my exciting news and why I haven’t posted in so long. But rest assured I am back!!!

May many grape popsicles come your way!

Jeffrey Jay


Adventures of Being Sober! Christmas Edition

Being sober sucks monkey balls.

But the pain of being sober around family and friends over the holidays can not be described even with monkey balls.

Maybe stick figures can do the trick.

I am not a confrontational person, so these are the things I say inside my head.

Happy Holidays.

Jeffrey Jay

Dinosaurs were just misunderstood.

I asked for blog post ideas on my facebook. The result was something having to do with cupcakes eating dinosaurs.

But I decided to post about something that actually matters.

Ever ask yourself why the T-Rex was a carnivore? I’m guessing it went something like this:

But maybe if God had put a little effort into coming up with a compromise all the dinosaurs would have gotten along.

Come on God, get it together. It isn’t just dinosaurs waiting for the cupcake tree.

Happy National Cupcake Day!

Jeffrey Jay

Life is so much better in cartoon form.

I have a lot of stuff on my plate lately and it gets to the point where there is so much to do that I decide instead do none of it. When this happens I find it is much easier for me to separate parts of myself so that I have no blame.

I am a good, hardworking person. However my brain functions like so:

I am a very happy person, but my heart is listening to emo music and cutting itself.

I know… I need to pick myself up and become the person I know I can be! If I worked out, ate healthy, and set more goals I could be anything!

A boy can dream right?

I really do love you all most of you.

I hope you can find humor in whatever it is you’re going through.

Jeffrey Jay

Last night I got blackout sober.

Apparently being sober doesn’t mean I won’t have nights I regret.

I have been in a large amount of pain the past few days (don’t worry I’m not dying or anything) and I’m going through a breakup. Well, my brain decided to go into full on chick mode. The night was filled with sad movies, tweeting too much information, and eating copious amounts of crap.

The shame pile I woke up to this morning:

Ever cried while eating an entire bag of frosted donuts? There is a reason they call it comfort food.

Here is a cartoon of how it went down:

I’m not sure why my donut sounds like a gay guy.

Anyway, I’m starting to feel better now.

Jeffrey Jay

Breakups: How I Look vs How I Feel

I am going through a bad breakup at the moment and since I can’t stop thinking about it long enough to make a humorous post… I drew a picture of how I feel.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a visual representation of a shitty breakup.

I feel better already. Beep Beep Boop.

Happy Saturday!

Jeffrey Jay

Comic About Comics! (the other kind of comic)

Today I decided to make a comic, but when I sat down to make it I couldn’t get past the logistics of comics. So I ended up making a comic about comics.

That’s all for today! Have a wonderful Thursday!

Jeffrey Jay

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