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Feast of so much Fun


Recently I returned to Chicago to visit my favorite boys, Marc and Faust of the Feast of Fun podcast.

We talked about the new Barbie redesign, all things transgender from top surgery to old names, and flurries in love with Tony the Tiger!

Listen here for some good old fashioned lgbt comedy gold!

Feast of Fun with Jeffrey Jay!

Love you bunches!

Jeffrey Jay

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Transgender Life Model

I was asked to be the nude model for an LGBT life drawing class. I was incredibly nervous but felt like it would be an important part of my history. It was spiritually, emotionally, and physically difficult, but after 2.5 hours of 20 eyes staring at a me completely exposed in every position I came through the other side feeling like a new person.

This artist gave me the original so I have decided to post it. It means a lot to me.

Eight years on testosterone. No surgeries.


You’re all amazing. Thanks for the love.

Jeffrey Jay

Is there really a good AIDS joke?

This is a bit of a serious topic today.

I recently landed a gig doing comedy writing for a popular LGBT podcast. Comedy writing is something I have always had a passion for and I especially enjoy the fast paced nature and the pressure of having to create funny for a specific topic on a deadline.

However, there are unexpected hurdles. Yesterday I was given an assignment to write jokes for an upcoming interview with a man who recently found out he was HIV positive. This hit me harder than I expected.

Many comedians will tell you that there are topics that you just don’t touch either because they are distasteful or it’s an easy laugh. AIDS is one of those topics. The dark nature of the virus and seriousness of the consequences don’t typically make for a lighthearted discussion. But, unfortunately there was no getting out of it simply because it’s hard.

I spent hours watching videos and interviews of the guest and googling HIV and AIDS to immerse myself in the topic. After staring at the screen for long periods of time I realized that the topic wasn’t the disease, it’s the remarkable man that was open and honest enough to come out and talk about his new struggles.

After that the jokes came easy. I started with his unique interest in puppets and went on to joke about creepy craigslist posts. I started to realize that even with a topic so dark I could attack it at different angles to lighten the mood.

This isn’t the most eloquent of posts since I’m pretty sure my brain is still fried, but I wanted to vent some of the frustrations I felt when struggling through this topic. I do feel like a better writer for having done it, but I definitely wouldn’t wish for it again.

Jeffrey Jay

New Years Resolutions and Catching Hats on my Head

I an the Friday guy for The FTM Room, which is an online community for transguys… so I decided to post the video I made today as my blog post as well.

Have a wonderful year!

Jeffrey Jay


Musical Madness!

I am working with some amazingly talented individuals on writing a musical, so I am on a huge musical kick right now.

Here is a wonderfully hilarious song from The Book of Mormon. I can’t wait to see it.

Jeffrey Jay

Everyone knows I’m not racist, right?

Last night someone (a white person) said I am making a living being racist because I implied that black people steal and because I said the N word on stage.

Can we please break this shit down?

The N word:

When I say the N word I am sharing an experience I had where I unknowingly had an extremely racist friend. I am not saying the N word myself. I have said that word ONCE in my life off stage. Now, granted I have said it over a hundred times now on stage, but the joke is drawing attention to and poking fun at both racism and homophobia.

Being a black guy:

The joke about changing into a black guy is a joke about how trans people get kicked out of their houses for becoming who they truly are. Fortunately my experience has been that I have wonderfully accepting parents and thus a joke about seeing how accepting they would be was born. Do I actually think if I turned into a black guy I would start stealing? NO! Does it make fun of that stereotype? Yes.

I do apologize for the  seriousness of this post, but if you know me I am a very sincere, caring, and  open-minded person. There is not a person in the world that I truly hate (Bill O’Reilly excluded.)

Ok, I feel like i need to lighten the mood so here is a picture:

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