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Great Headline and Starting New Adventures

I came across this headline today and it make me laugh.

Fruit Traffic Jam


Since I last blogged I have begun doing comedy full time. I’m excited for all these wonderful college gigs and I’m going to keep up with my blog in my downtime.

This week I’m heading out to Pennsylvania and North Carolina. I’m packing my bag as we speak. Actually I;m laying in my bed as I type, but after I’m done I’m going to take a nap, make some food then totally pack my bags.


Jeffrey Jay


Healthy Cereal?

The healthier cereal is the more it looks like pet food. I’m pretty sure this is the same stuff I used to feed my gerbil.

Healthy Cereal

Healthy Cereal



Jeffrey Jay

Whoops, sorry guys.



I have been terrible at keeping up with this thing!

I just went back to posting all my dates and really getting my shit together.

This time I will keep this updated.

To apologize, here is a cartoon I made about judgmental stick figures.


Thanks for sticking around! Okay, too far.

Jeffrey Jay

Work Related!!!

Soooooo much has been going on, including getting sober again, but first I’m going to post some links to a show I had the great pleasure of helping to write and be in.

I present to you [insert drum roll] episode 4 of Work Related:

Have your own awkward work stories? Share them in the comments or send them to my facebook!

Love you!
Jeffrey Jay

Is there really a good AIDS joke?

This is a bit of a serious topic today.

I recently landed a gig doing comedy writing for a popular LGBT podcast. Comedy writing is something I have always had a passion for and I especially enjoy the fast paced nature and the pressure of having to create funny for a specific topic on a deadline.

However, there are unexpected hurdles. Yesterday I was given an assignment to write jokes for an upcoming interview with a man who recently found out he was HIV positive. This hit me harder than I expected.

Many comedians will tell you that there are topics that you just don’t touch either because they are distasteful or it’s an easy laugh. AIDS is one of those topics. The dark nature of the virus and seriousness of the consequences don’t typically make for a lighthearted discussion. But, unfortunately there was no getting out of it simply because it’s hard.

I spent hours watching videos and interviews of the guest and googling HIV and AIDS to immerse myself in the topic. After staring at the screen for long periods of time I realized that the topic wasn’t the disease, it’s the remarkable man that was open and honest enough to come out and talk about his new struggles.

After that the jokes came easy. I started with his unique interest in puppets and went on to joke about creepy craigslist posts. I started to realize that even with a topic so dark I could attack it at different angles to lighten the mood.

This isn’t the most eloquent of posts since I’m pretty sure my brain is still fried, but I wanted to vent some of the frustrations I felt when struggling through this topic. I do feel like a better writer for having done it, but I definitely wouldn’t wish for it again.

Jeffrey Jay

A fun fact about Jeffrey Jay

Sometimes I like to start arguments on other peoples facebook posts and then delete all my comments so it looks like they are yelling at themselves.

Living alone sucks – a cartoon.

It always cheers me up to make cartoons about the things that bother me. I recently asked my ex to move out and it turns out, I haven’t done laundry in three and a half years.

Laundry sucks, but the joke is on him because he hasn’t cooked in three and a half years. I may be dirty, but he is starving.

Sorry about the huge gap in posts, but I’m back and will be posting daily again.


Jeffrey Jay

Poop popsicle!

I came down with the flu and now I feel like a poop popsicle.

Here is an illustration:

Next post I’ll catch you up on all my exciting news and why I haven’t posted in so long. But rest assured I am back!!!

May many grape popsicles come your way!

Jeffrey Jay


It has been a while

I haven’t posted in a week because a lot is going on.

I have officially broken it off with Mr. Man which is what I will call my ex on here and tonight I have my first real date in 3 and a half years. I am beyond nervous and have no idea what I am doing.

Today I am too busy running around working out, grooming, picking out clothes and freaking out to make a cartoon, but here is my favorite video ever when it comes to online dating.

The best parody online dating video… plus CATS!

Wish me luck!

Jeffrey Jay

Feast of Fun!

Yesterday I had a blast shooting the shit with Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion from the Feast of Fun podcast.

Check out the podcast where we discuss everything from being called Neville from Harry Potter to my views on being an artist.

Jeffrey Jay

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