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Yes, you guessed it. This is the Website of Transgender Comedian Jeffrey Jay

Jeffrey Jay is a Los Angeles-based, transgender stand-up comedian born and raised in a town that is so Texas it’s called Texas City, Texas. With a Republican judge as a mother and a father who works on oil tankers, he didn’t think life was tough enough and ventured into a life of stand-up. Since 2011 Jeffrey has made his living touring the NACA college circuit and to date has done hundreds of shows that combine stand-up with a comedy Q&A. 

As a writer, Jay was shortlisted by the BBC Writers’ Room, the comedy writer for Feast of Fun, a second-rounder in the Warner Bros Writing Fellowship, Austin Film Festival, & Sundance in 2021 & 2022, a Writers’ PA & Showrunner’s Assistant on Season 6 & 7 of The CW’s Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars on HBO Max.

In 2022, the popularity of the BEING Trans podcast swept iTunes and Jay found himself featured in the New York Times.

He has been seen on HULU, the CW’s The Eye Opener, The Guardian, in The Advocate as one of  “The top 7 Transgender Comedians” and “7 LGBT Comics You Shouldn’t Have Missed”, and headlines national and international comedy festivals. When not doing stand-up Jeffrey teaches ally training and speaks at colleges and high schools sharing his story to educate others about trans issues.

His favorite TV credit is when he won $1500 buckaroos on Let’s Make a Deal dressed as a panda.

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“Jeffrey is the funniest guy I’ve ever encountered. He’s just funny all around.”

—Jacob Fishman, College Programming Board

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