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Feast of so much Fun


Recently I returned to Chicago to visit my favorite boys, Marc and Faust of the Feast of Fun podcast.

We talked about the new Barbie redesign, all things transgender from top surgery to old names, and flurries in love with Tony the Tiger!

Listen here for some good old fashioned lgbt comedy gold!

Feast of Fun with Jeffrey Jay!

Love you bunches!

Jeffrey Jay

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Feast of Fun!

Yesterday I had a blast shooting the shit with Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion from the Feast of Fun podcast.

Check out the podcast where we discuss everything from being called Neville from Harry Potter to my views on being an artist.

Jeffrey Jay

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Homo Promos!

I believe if you enjoy something you should promote it. BTW, these people aren’t gay I just needed a catchy title.

Here are a few things I love at the moment (click on the title to go straight to the site):

Chick’s with Danny Trejo’s Face 

This is an amazing website stated by Paco. Find him here:

My favorite:

Dandsey Trejohan

Strong Dinosaur 

This is my favorite Rick Perry parody. Find the mastermind here:

Things I Thought About Today

Every day comedian Dave Little posts a random thought. They are typically pretty epic. Find more of him by poking around his site or become a fan on the facebooks here:

That’s it for today!


Jeffrey Jay