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Living alone sucks – a cartoon.

It always cheers me up to make cartoons about the things that bother me. I recently asked my ex to move out and it turns out, I haven’t done laundry in three and a half years.

Laundry sucks, but the joke is on him because he hasn’t cooked in three and a half years. I may be dirty, but he is starving.

Sorry about the huge gap in posts, but I’m back and will be posting daily again.


Jeffrey Jay

One reply on “Living alone sucks – a cartoon.”

If you’re not blogging very much, then it’s probably cause you are working, and if that’s the case, well that’s a good thing!
Liked the cartoon, but just get rich and famous and you’ll never have to worry about doing laundry again. Stay funny, keep ’em laughing and never let them see you sweat!


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