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New Years Resolutions and Catching Hats on my Head

I an the Friday guy for The FTM Room, which is an online community for transguys… so I decided to post the video I made today as my blog post as well.

Have a wonderful year!

Jeffrey Jay


3 replies on “New Years Resolutions and Catching Hats on my Head”

Good luck with all your New Years resolutions, but being an on again off again semi-pro (semi-paid) stand up comic since the mid 1980s, I have a healthy respect for your goal of putting together an hour of material, and I’m wishing you the very best of success with that!

You’re welcome! Me doing stand up is usually a closely guarded secret these days, and for a variety of reasons – the biggest of which is that I have this person called a wife, who is jealous of my time. But she’s genuinely a good kid, so I can’t lay it all on her. We live in the greater Boston area, which is where I’ve done all my stand up gigs. Had a shot at hitting the road a while back, but I got married instead. Of the two, I honestly think it was the better choice. so I have no regrets.


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