Jeffrey Jay Transgender Comedian!!!

Recently I was interviewed for a comedy site. I really enjoyed the experience because I had the opportunity to talk about my feeling on being a comedian, being transgender, and where the two come together.

Take a gander!

Love you to pieces!

Jeffrey Jay

Football Bloopers: Best Friends Beau and Jeff

Not only did we launch out new podcast which I’ll post tomorrow, but we also released our football bloopers!

I love you all!


Jeffrey Jay

Best Friends: Teaching me Football Before the Super Bowl

My best friend Beau Bowker is 6’4 and an ex football coach. I’m 5’3 and now NOTHING about the sport. He decided to teach me just in time for the Super Bowl!

I think I made some good progress.


The football pro,

Jeffrey Jay!

Feast of so much Fun


Recently I returned to Chicago to visit my favorite boys, Marc and Faust of the Feast of Fun podcast.

We talked about the new Barbie redesign, all things transgender from top surgery to old names, and flurries in love with Tony the Tiger!

Listen here for some good old fashioned lgbt comedy gold!

Feast of Fun with Jeffrey Jay!

Love you bunches!

Jeffrey Jay

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Move over #JustGirlyThings and #JustBoyThings!

Just Transy Things is here! There are perks to being transgender so lets shed some comedic light on it!


Love you all bunches!

Jeffrey Jay!

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Transgender Life Model

I was asked to be the nude model for an LGBT life drawing class. I was incredibly nervous but felt like it would be an important part of my history. It was spiritually, emotionally, and physically difficult, but after 2.5 hours of 20 eyes staring at a me completely exposed in every position I came through the other side feeling like a new person.

This artist gave me the original so I have decided to post it. It means a lot to me.

Eight years on testosterone. No surgeries.


You’re all amazing. Thanks for the love.

Jeffrey Jay

Jeffrey Jay is back on YouTube and I’m bored!

I started my YouTube channel back up, which is pretty darn exciting because it’s a chance for me to be as goofy as I want!

The first video is all about the ridiculous things I do when I get bored.

What do you do when you get bored?

I love you all!

Jeffrey Jay

Birthday Pics!

It was my birthday on December 1st and thanks to my college tour picking up steam and the amazing Two Black Women podcast I have more fans than I have ever had. Throughout the day I was inundated with Snapchats, Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts from fans. I couldn’t fit everything into one picture so here are some of the best all crammed into one.

Bdaypic copy

Thank you for all the love and support!

I love you all!

Jeffrey Jay

Two Black Women… AND ME!

Hello beautiful people!

I am officially the third member of an awesome podcast called Two Black Women on iTunes. The crew consists of James Ponce, Beau Bowker, and me, Jeffrey Jay! I know what you’re thinking, “wow, I can’t wait to listen!” I don’t blame you. It’s phenomenal. Guess what there is a link! I put it right there for you! So please, go check it out!

Two Black WomenGo check it out, subscribe, and rate the podcast!

I looooooooooooooove you!

Jeffrey Jay

The Bones

Three years ago, this sketch happened. Bad acting on my part + bad green screen = The Bones

The Bones. – watch more funny videos
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