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“The Situation” is Really Just a Gay Guy.

My cousin mocks “The Situation” constantly, so my brother bought him a “The Situation” ornament to hang on his Christmas tree.

But before we could hang it on his tree we realized that once out of the package it just looked like a gay guy.

I think I’ll get one for myself for next year.

Fist Pump!

Jeffrey Jay

Jeffrey Jay is NOT a Republican

I tweeted this as a joke:

Not one minute after, this happened:

Please notice that –

1. They thought I was serious and agreed with my statement.

2. The number of people they are following.

So I replied with this:

They haven’t unfollowed me yet so I’m crossing my fingers for a second date!

Jeffrey Jay

Super Awesome and Official Flyer

I am doing a 10 by 10 at the Addison Improv.

I wanted a flyer that felt professional.


See you there!

Jeffrey Jay

Facebook Face Recognition

I love pandas. There is an album on my facebook dedicated to just funny pictures of them.

This little gem appeared on my facebook and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Good job facebook.

Jeffrey Jay

Adventures of Being Sober! Christmas Edition

Being sober sucks monkey balls.

But the pain of being sober around family and friends over the holidays can not be described even with monkey balls.

Maybe stick figures can do the trick.

I am not a confrontational person, so these are the things I say inside my head.

Happy Holidays.

Jeffrey Jay

XMas Special…Bitches!

Come out to the Improv tonight!

Tonight I will be at the Addison Improv with these hilarious peeps:

So come on out, we covered all of our diversity quota.

For tickets visit

See you tonight!

Jeffrey Jay

Times are Tough

I was going to post a cartoon, but then this gem was delivered to my doorstep.

While perusing jobs I found this on craigslist:

I posted it on Reddit as well… crossing fingers for the front page!

I hope your job search is going well.

Jeffrey Jay

Hitman Monkey

A simple but hilarious picture I found on Reddit.

Jeffrey Jay


I present to you… Jeffrey Hamilton.

Serious Face:

Weird Face:

I wish you all lots of money… faces.

Jeffrey Jay!

A post a day keeps real jobs away

Just so we are clear, last nights Xmas card counted for today’s post.

But here is a picture anyway!

This is what I was for halloween.

I made it out of a squash, clay, string, fake blood, a wooden snake, paint, and sword toothpicks.


Jeffrey Jay

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