Comedy Words!

This Weeks Tweets from Peeps!

Some of my favorite tweets:

Breakfast at Denny’s #lessambitiousbooks – @GreekActor1

My good looks are rapidly declining. Ladies, get it before this spoiled meat gets dumped on the side of the Oregon Trail. – @CGDarden

Does it only get better for gay people? – @michaelianblack

R.I.P. 2011 (2011-2011) – @meganamram

I just got invited to the roast of transexual bible belt comedian @HeyJeffreyJay. Jesus, I hope it’s a comedy show. – @thedavesherrill

#HeyArnold GET TO DE CHOPPAH!!! – @chrisisfunny

And one of mine for good measure:

Came up with a great slogan for Texas Churches. “Jesus loves you. No homos.” – @HeyJeffreyJay

Happy tweeting!

Jeffrey Jay

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