Comedy Video!

Hire me today!

I realized a new revenue stream!

Companies can pay me to say their product name in my jokes.

Here is the promo video I’m going to send out to companies to entice them.

Hopefully the first company will be Planned Parenthood. I already have plenty of abortion jokes.

This is how I make my millions… I feel it.

Jeffrey Jay

2 replies on “Hire me today!”

Well, you got me laughing out loud for real, so WTG and thanks for that! There could be something in this product placement gig for you, so stay with it. At the very least, it will be funny!

Hey, thanks for liking my “Tina Fey is a Home Wrecker!” post, and double thanks for following my blog! I’m sure that I’ll be back here soon to enjoy more of your stuff too. 🙂


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