Comedy Words!

Twitter Twatter – Hilarious Tweets From Peeps

Tweets I am rather proud of, also peoples tweets I have enjoyed.

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Tweets from Jeffrey… me. @_JeffreyJay

I like to tweet random keywords to get more “spam followers.” iphone, free, coupons, easy money, sugar daddy. The last one was for me.

I sent a humorous email to @MensHumor. Apparently they didn’t find it funny. I guess I’ll try @WomensHumor. There are perks to being a tranny.

There is a crab that lives in 700 degree water near a volcano vent. How do you cook that crab?

At least I know I would be warm because the only thing I’m sure they have plenty of are fireplaces. #LivingWithTheAmish

Watched Green Lantern. It was one of the best movies I have seen. I don’t know what it was about but Ryan Reynolds had his shirt off a lot.

Girl look at that body! Girl look at that body! I don’t really work out but I am kind of skinny if you’re into smaller guys.

Tweets from funny people and twitter accounts:

If athletes get athletes foot, do astronauts get missile toe?
Maybe I’m straight and just haven’t met a guy who’s good with a strapon.
Today, I decided to wean myself off of texting by not texting any of my friends today. Apparently they all also chose today to do the same.
If Competitive Refusing To Get Out Of Bed were a sport, I’d be too busy refusing to get out of bed to participate in that sport.
Checked in on my fantasy football team for the first time in months. Apparently they all died because I forgot to feed them.
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Happy tweeting!
Jeffrey Jay


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