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Awesome Shit People Shout at Me! Part 1

As a transman, I have gotten my fair share of shit in my lifetime. Over time you become immune to it, but occasionally you get a really good one. So here it is…

Awesome Shit People Shout at Me:

So since you say you’re “gay” (actually uses air quotes) you’re really just a chick who likes dick. – Drunk gay guy #437

What’s up Courtney-Jeff! – Old high school teacher I bumped into

So basically you were tired of having a dildo. – Yelled at me whilst on stage

Hey, it’s the man girl! – Also yelled while on stage

You gave up your female gifts! – Super feminist

YOU HAVE EVIL DEMONS INSIDE YOU! – Screamed while shaking me – Christian Psycho (most are not psycho… she was.)

Your daughter should be taken away and you will burn for eternity – Loving preacher on campus

Cool! I have always want to fuck a dudc with a vag. – Greatest pickup line I have ever received. (I have gotten it at least 6 times.)

This is only part one because there are so many more and I have decided that is enough for now.

You see… I feel like I have earned the ability to fuck with people. I do not want to get pregnant… ever. But I would love to get a pregnancy suit so that I may do this.

Have a wonderful day!

Jeffrey Jay

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