An Update on the #UglySelfieProject

Forty something days ago I read an article that announced that selfie’s (taking a picture of oneself) were linked to self esteem issues in girls. I found that odd, because I take a million selfies and by the time I find the right one to post on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook I am quite pleased with myself. Yes, I take 100 to get the right one. Seriously, I have 3000 photos on my phone and 2000 of them are selfie mishaps.

I looked at my Instagram and found that it was entirely made up of selfies and food with the occasional funny photo. What was the point of even having an Instagram if there was nothing worth while on it? I immediately deleted all but 4 photos and decided to start over.

As a transgender person I have had more body issues than the average bear, and it deeply saddens me to think that anyone else should have to deal with hating their body. But, but, I couldn’t stop taking selfies. I love them.

That’s when I created the #UglySelfieProject. I challenged myself to take a different selfie everyday. The one catch, it had to be as unattractive as possible. I want to show that I have flaws, because we all do. What if, when those flaws become public, or we aren’t seen in the best light we could laugh about it?

I plan on continuing this project until I run out of funny, weird, and flaw filled faces (I’m shooting for at least one year). If you want to join in on the fun post you own on Instagram to #UglySelfieProject.

Here are a few of my favorites and a link to my Instagram to see the ones that have been posted so far. There are new ones everyday.

Love yourself.

Jeffrey Jay

One reply on “An Update on the #UglySelfieProject”

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