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Everyone knows I’m not racist, right?

Last night someone (a white person) said I am making a living being racist because I implied that black people steal and because I said the N word on stage.

Can we please break this shit down?

The N word:

When I say the N word I am sharing an experience I had where I unknowingly had an extremely racist friend. I am not saying the N word myself. I have said that word ONCE in my life off stage. Now, granted I have said it over a hundred times now on stage, but the joke is drawing attention to and poking fun at both racism and homophobia.

Being a black guy:

The joke about changing into a black guy is a joke about how trans people get kicked out of their houses for becoming who they truly are. Fortunately my experience has been that I have wonderfully accepting parents and thus a joke about seeing how accepting they would be was born. Do I actually think if I turned into a black guy I would start stealing? NO! Does it make fun of that stereotype? Yes.

I do apologize for the  seriousness of this post, but if you know me I am a very sincere, caring, and  open-minded person. There is not a person in the world that I truly hate (Bill O’Reilly excluded.)

Ok, I feel like i need to lighten the mood so here is a picture:

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